RF Directional Coupler

A passive device that divides one input signal power into two outputs in a certain proportion and has different power ratios, also known as a power divider.A coupler is a component that couples the energy of an input signal through an electric or magnetic field to distribute a portion as the output of the coupling end, and the remaining portion as the output end, in order to complete power distribution.

Products Details

Product Type Operating Frequency Band VSVR Coupling accuracy Average Power Impedance Connector
QOH-XX-350/470-NF 350-470MHz ≤1.25:1 5/6/7/10/15/20/30/40 200W 50Ω N-Female
QOH-XX-350/960-NF 350-960MHz ≤1.25:1 5/6/7/10/15/20/25/30 200W 50Ω N-Female
QOH-XX-350/1850-NF 350-1850MHz ≤1.30:1 6/10/15/20/30 200W 50Ω N-Female
QOH-XX-350/2700-NF 350-2700MHz ≤1.30:1 6/10/15/20/30 200W 50Ω N-Female
QOH-XX-698/2700-DF 698-2700MHz ≤1.30:1 5/6/7/10/15/20/25/30 500W 50Ω DIN-Female
QOH-XX-698/2700-NF 698-2700MHz ≤1.25:1 5/6/7/10/15/20/25/30 200W 50Ω N-Female
QOH-XX-698/2700-SMAF 698-2700MHz ≤1.25:1 5/6/7/10/15/20/25/30 200W 50Ω SMA-Female
QOH-XX-698/3800-SMAF 698-3800MHz ≤1.25:1 5/6/7/10/15/20/25/30 200W 50Ω SMA-Female
QOH-XX-700/2700-NF 700-2700MHz ≤1.20:1 50/60/70/80 200W 50Ω N-Female
QOH-XX-700/3700-04NF 700-3700MHz ≤1.30:1 5/6/7/8/10/12/13/15/20 200W 50Ω N-Female
QOH-XX-700/3700-04NF 700-3700MHz ≤1.30:1 25/30/35/40 200W 50Ω N-Female
QOH-XX-2400/5850-01NF 2400-5850MHz ≤1.30:1 6/10/15/20 100W 50Ω N-Female
A directional coupler is a measurement device that is inserted into the transmission line between an RF source—such as a signal generator, vector network analyzer, or transmitter—and a load. It measures both the RF power from the source to the load—the forward component—as well as the reflected component, power reflected back from the load to the source. Knowing the forward and reflected components permits the computation of total power, return loss, and standing wave ratio of the load.

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