2W 5W 10W Termination Load

A load is a microwave passive single port device, whose main function is to absorb all microwave energy from the transmission line, improve the matching performance of the circuit. The load is usually connected to the terminal of the circuit, so it is also called a terminal load or matching load. Provide matching impedance within a specified frequency range, which can be divided into resistive load, capacitive load, and inductive load. Used for terminating branch nodes or detection points in distributed system extension links.

Products Details

small size and light: Small size, easy to carry and store, convenient to use and with good performance.
high quality housing: Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use.
RF Dummy Loads are used in a wide variety of measurement systems;
Any port of a multi-port microwave device that is not involved in the measurement should be terminated in its characteristic impedance in order to ensure an accurate measurement.
Terminations are also used in devices such as directional couplers and isolators.


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