2-way 698-2700MHz N-Female Microstrip Power Divider

A passive device that divides the energy of an input signal into two or multiple outputs of equal energy can also in turn synthesize the energy of multiple signals into one output, which can also be called a co-frequency combiner.This product operates in the frequency band from 698MHZ to 2700MHZ.

Products Details

1.Series of   N products one application extensive small-scale coaxial person who join that whorl join, it has a reliable characteristic with long life-span that the width, performance are excellent, high frequently.  Suitable for the microwave equipment and body of the digital communication system and join the body in the cable or the micro-strip line frequently in the loop frequently.Standing wave good performance, easy installation, for two way radio communications and spread spectrum communications indoor and outdoor distribution system.

2. Using micro strip structures, in-band flatness is good, high isolation, insertion loss is small.

Main Features:

Wide Frequency Band

Low Insertion Loss


High Quality

Durable&Long Service Life

Widely used for In-building Solution

All materials are RoHS approved

Competitive price

OEM service offered



Q:What're the main products of Guan Ge Communication company Limited ?  A: Guan Ge specializes in manufacturing all types of communication products. Our main products are couplers, power dividers, loads, attenuators, lightning arresters, and filters Q: Can your company provide Technical Support? A: Yes. We have experienced technical experts who are willing to help you deal with technical problems. Q: Do you test the equipment before your delivery? A:Yes. We do test every component after installation to ensure we've delivered the signal solution you needed. Q: Do you have OEM&ODM service? A: Yes, we can support our customers specialled products and we are able to put your logo on the products. Q:Can your company provide solutions? A:Yes. Our team of IBS experts will help find the most cost-effective solution for your application.

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